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US Cataract Quarterly Update, Q4 - 2022: Analysis of Historical Trends and Latest Developments

出版日期: 年间契约型资讯服务 | 出版商: Market Scope, LLC | 英文




  • 白内障手术的施行地点
  • 手术数量
  • IOL,老花眼矫正用IOL,非球面光学系IOL的美国市场占有率
  • 各手术部位的美国IOL市场占有率
  • 水晶体超音波吸引器的美国市场占有率
  • 粘性弹性体的美国市场占有率
  • 美国的IOL手术的全年预测和前一年的比较



Our coverage of the cataract surgery market includes a quarterly surveying process that targets and collects data from US cataract surgeons. The resulting data are analyzed and presented in our US Cataract Surgery Quarterly Updates. These updates are designed to improve your decision-making process with the most accurate assessment of current market conditions and the identification of significant market trends.

The "US Cataract Quarter;y Updates" measure and analyze key metrics of the US cataract market, including:

  • Location of cataract surgeries
  • Procedure volumes
  • US market shares by model for IOLs, presbyopia-correcting-IOLs, and IOLs with aspheric optics
  • US market share by lens type
  • US premium IOL market share
  • US premium IOL penetration
  • US IOL market shares by surgery locations
  • US procedure volumes, installed base, and market shares for phaco machines
  • US market shares for viscoelastic
  • Adoption plans for femtosecond laser cataract surgery
  • Adoption plans for RLE
  • Procedure volumes and market share for MIGS stents and canal-based procedures
  • Product purchasing plans
  • Patient financing
  • Full-year forecast for US IOL procedures and a comparison with volumes during the prior year
  • Two-year historical summary by quarter procedures by type and product used

Our updates include trend analysis based on comparisons with information gathered in previous years.