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CDP (顾客资料平台)

Customer Data Platforms

出版日期: 年间契约型资讯服务 | 出版商: Real Story Group | 英文


本报告提供CDP (顾客资料平台)的主要18项产品调查,彙整各种优势、弱点。


  • 套件/ 平台供应商
    • Adobe:Adobe Cloud Platform
    • IBM:Universal Behavior Exchange
    • Oracle:Customer Data Management Cloud
  • 产品供应商
    • AgilOne:Customer Data Platform
    • Amperity:Amperity
    • BlueConic:BlueConic Customer Data Platform
    • Blueshift Labs:Blueshift
    • BlueVenn:Customer Data Platform
    • Evergage:Evergage
    • Lemnisk:Lemnisk
    • Lytics:Lytics Customer Data Platform
    • mParticle:mParticle
    • Optimove:Optimove Core
    • QuickPivot:QuickPivot
    • RedPoint Global:RedPoint
    • Segment:Segment
    • Tealium:Universal Data Hub
    • Treasure Data:Enterprise CDP

Research, Decision Tools, & Custom Advice

The Customer Data Platforms research critically evaluates the weaknesses and strengths of 18 CDP products.

Become a Hero

  • Get the inside scoop that will make you look smart
  • Obtain external validation of your strategy and decisions
  • Receive one-on-one help to solve your thorniest problems

Save Time

  • Get to a short list in minutes
  • Get supporting artifacts to explain to your peers
  • Transition to pilot projects faster

Save Money

  • Learn how much these tools really cost
  • Learn how to negotiate a better deal
  • Learn about hidden costs and gotchas

Align Your Team

  • Obtain relevant education for business and IT stakeholders
  • Get team-based workshops to put everyone on the same page
  • Obtain a common vocabulary for how the tools really work

Avoid the Wrong Decision

  • Learn the real story about vendor weaknesses to combat marketing hype
  • Don't pick the wrong tool
  • Discover a vendor you didn't know

Vendors Evaluated

Suite / Platform Vendors

  • Adobe: Adobe Cloud Platform
  • IBM: Universal Behavior Exchange
  • Oracle: Customer Data Management Cloud

Product Vendors

  • AgilOne: Customer Data Platform
  • Amperity: Amperity
  • BlueConic: BlueConic Customer Data Platform
  • Blueshift Labs: Blueshift
  • BlueVenn: Customer Data Platform
  • Evergage: Evergage
  • Lemnisk: Lemnisk
  • Lytics: Lytics Customer Data Platform
  • mParticle: mParticle
  • Optimove: Optimove Core
  • QuickPivot: QuickPivot
  • RedPoint Global: RedPoint
  • Segment: Segment
  • Tealium: Universal Data Hub
  • Treasure Data: Enterprise CDP