Frost Radar:低代码应用平台,2023

Frost Radar:低代码应用平台,2023

Frost Radar: Low-Code Application Platforms, 2023

出版日期: | 出版商: Frost & Sullivan | 英文 15 Pages | 商品交期: 最快1-2个工作天内


推动公司采取行动的基准系统 - 推动新交易流程和增长渠道的创新

刚刚摆脱 COVID-19 大流行的公司正面临着大规模辞职、景气衰退和潜在的景气衰退。因此,企业正在重新考虑他们的支出,业务部门不得不用更少的资源做更多的事情。低代码开发平台是疫情初期流行的技术,非常适合帮助公司应对这些挑战。 LCAP 支持更快、更轻鬆的应用程序开发,从而能够快速创建和部署新服务,从而自动执行员工任务和客户交互。 LCAP 还使业务线团队成员能够在创建在全新业务环境中更智能地工作所需的服务方面发挥更积极的作用。

该 Frost Radar(TM) 讨论了行业的战略要务,根据平台功能评估提供商,并提供有关公司采取行动的资讯。

Frost & Sullivan 分析了业内众多公司。根据领导力和其他卓越表现而选择进行进一步分析的公司,然后根据增长和创新的 10 个标准进行基准测试,揭示它们在 Frost Radar(TM) 上的地位。这家上市公司为 Frost Radar(TM) 上列出的每家公司提供了竞争概况,着眼于每家公司的优势以及最适合这些优势的商业机会。


Frost Radar(TM):低代码应用平台,2023,Frost Radar(TM)

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Product Code: K90D-72

A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action - Innovation that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

As businesses emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic operating environment, found themselves dealing with the Great Resignation as well as an economic downturn and potential recession. That has caused them to reassess spending and force business units to do more with less. Low-code development platforms, a technology that was just gaining popularity at the start of the pandemic, are well-suited to help businesses meet these challenges. LCAPs allow for faster, easier application development, enabling business to quickly create and deploy new services that automate employee work and customer interactions. They also allow line-of-business team members to take a more active role in creating the services they need to work smart in a completely new operating environment.

This Frost Radar™ discusses strategic imperatives in the industry, evaluates providers based on platform capabilities, and offers information on companies to action.

Frost & Sullivan analyzes numerous companies in an industry. Those selected for further analysis based on their leadership or other distinctions are benchmarked across 10 Growth and Innovation criteria to reveal their position on the Frost Radar™. The publication presents competitive profiles of each company on the Frost Radar™ considering their strengths and the opportunities that best fit those strengths.

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Frost Radar™: Low-Code Application Platforms, 2023, Frost Radar™

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